About me

Main technique of making my products is wood turning. In beginning it was trial and error. Eventually I gained experience, I found out how to prepare which wood, how to dry it and on which products use it.
I approach each of my products individually, because every piece of wood is special. Sometimes its better to highlight texture, sometimes the shape and form is more important. Thanks to this approach is each of my product is original.



Bienále úžitkového umenia FORMA 2021

Krajská galéria v Prešove – november 2021
Reinštalácia: Galéria UMELKA,
Bratislava – 29.11.2021 – 9.1.2022


výstava ľudovo-umeleckých výrobkov Košického kraja
21.10 - 26.11 2021 v Dome remesiel, Hrnčiarska 9/A, Košice



. . unique design piece to your interier.
. . authentic homemade piece. Lamp is turned from massive wood. Surface was several times grinded and impregnated with linseed oil

. . light source are LED diodes powered by 12V adapter.


. . ideal gift
I use almost every available type of wood. The wood is prepared raw or dryed. After it is perfectly dryed, it is grinded and impregnated.
Bowls are suitable for fruits, salads, chips or other groceries or they can be stylish decoration of your interier.

Decorative products

. . they will please your eye and artistic soul
little artisic touch to your house . .


selection from my work


Each product is result of several hours long process.


. . before turning it is necessary to choose proper type of wood, cutting it to required size and attach it to lathe . . .


. . Progressive hand grinding making silky surface thanks to switching sandpaper from rough to the finest.


. . application of several layers of oil, which protects wood and highlights motive.


woodpeckeratelier | Erich Černaj
Súlovská 740 | Gemerská Poloma 049 22 | Slovakia
email: woodpecker.atelier@gmail.com
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e-shop: www.sashe.sk/woodpecker